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Which is better Scissor or Razor?

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So lets really breakdown the difference between a razor cut and a scissor cut. A razor cut at times gives a cool edge to haircuts and allows for a funky finish on hair dos. When it is most commonly executed, it can do great damage to the hair and cause breakage and obvious flaws in the hair. Often times a stylist will pull and shred the hair with the razor causing the ends to fray and often fall off. The same looks that are so often desired form a razor cut can be achieved by using scissors.

There are proper ways of cutting. If the stylist employs the scissors in the correct way they can effectively achieve any look you desire without causing all that damage to your hair. When thinning out your hair or making it piecy ask the stylist to use scissors instead of a razor. The is a technique by cutting downward with the scissors cutting and not dragging through your hair will thin and give texture to your hair.

The scissors should cut as if they were talking with smooth up and down motions that don’t snag or tear at your hair. This way the weight and bulk is removed without causing the tearing and shredding of your hair. Very often a stylist is quick to use a razor as a quick fix to blending layers but this can lead to fuzzy ends.  Over a period of time it will appear dry and damaged. Point cutting into these layers to soften the look is just as effective in blending those layers into a smooth look.

Now lets put this aside, razors can be amazing tools when used right but so commonly they are being used to shred hair and leave it distressed. Being aware of these options in hair design is yet another way that you can take control of your hair experience. This will let you see the desired results that you want. Knowing this can be of great assistance when you are deciding on which haircut and style you are considering.

At Julian Hans we are dedicated to giving you the best in hair care and style we want you to have the edgy cuts but with the healthy hair behind it. This is our hair guarantee to you that we provide you with the most amazing cut and the tools to maintain that look and make it last.

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Comments (2)

It's funny how to do things after year's of cutting. I stopped using razors because of what you were talking about in your blog, By as you call talking. I thought it was me! I feel much better now. Thanks we should stay in touch...

Posted on: May 31, 2013 By: Don Bagsby

    Hello Don I am happy to hear you have enjoyed our blog and you changed your way of cutting. if you have any questions we would love to hear from you. Julian Hans

    Posted on: June 17, 2013 By: admin



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