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Buns may take you back to your 4 year old ballet days when prancing on your tippy-toes with your fingertips planted on top of your head; or buns may remind you of that mean, old Russian lady banging her cane at you. But whichever early ballet experience you had, buns are here to stay. They have been making their way back into social graces for some time now, and seemed to reach their literal peak with the so-called top-knot. But with all the holiday gatherings on the horizon, why make your buns learn a few new tricks?

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The part, or lack thereof, sets the tone of your bun, and the outfit. Slick side parts can add a veneer of sophistication to a bun. But for these high-class looks, be sure to wrangle those fly-aways with plenty of smoothing products with staying power.

Sleek, middle part buns can add a severe dimension if not accessorized with whimsical jewelry or hair pieces.  On the other hand, loose middle buns are a go-to for any relaxed, earthy look.

For a flirtier bun, try taking a looser take on the side part by freeing a few face-framing locks. This bun-on-the-loose look creates dimension and fun, but still maintains a degree of classiness; after all, it is a bun!

Location, Location, Location

Just like when buying real estate, the location of your bun is everything. Top-knot buns tend to convey a kind of youthfulness to your look, so they might not be the best option for a job interview. But with the all the holiday cheer and what have you, top-knots might be the perfect quick-fix for an outing with your friends.

Buns centered in the middle of your head are more laid back in nature, so these might be perfect for family functions, a casual date night, or just anytime. The look is very traditional, but it can tone down an experimental outfit or complete a polished look. The tried and true, traditional bun is one to have fun with bold hair pieces or jewelry.

The nape o’ the neck bun is a little sultrier than the centered bun, but is not as showy and the top knot. If you’re struggling to balance an outfit or are looking for a polished-looking easy ‘do, the low bun is your friend.

Bun Control

As we mentioned before, the degree of control you place on your bun affects the whole hairdo. If you strap down the fly-aways, you instantly have a posh, put-together look; but if you loosen the reins on your bun, your look turns more earthy and bohemian.

Bun Fun

Some looks from the runway had some inventive ways to spice up the bun. So if you’re sick of the same old, same old, try the braided bun. For this begin with a pony tail, braid hair into sections, then intertwine and wrap the braids into a bun, pinning them into place.

There is also to the twisty-bun. Begin with a pony tail, divide the hair into 2 sections, then, one at a time, twist the sections and pin into a bun.

Each Autumn brings falling leaves, cold winds, pumpkin spice, knit sweaters, and buns. The annual tradition of sporting the bun is not only functional, but beautiful. The versatile bun is the perfect hairdo that will protect hair from the cold weather frizz and dryness. So take these tips to spice up your winter bun season, and wear it with pride.

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